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Located in Hong Kong and China (Shenzhen), Actium (Worldwinesasia) is a leading wine importer and distributor in French wines from all regions including Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Rhone Valley, Provence and South of France.

The diversity and the long history of wines in France make wine selection difficult for novices or even confirmed Hong Kong and Chinese amateurs. The specificities of each region tend to discourage regional amateurs to investigate lesser known appelations. We provide advices for buying and selling wines in Hong Kong and China.

Our aim  is to promote local high quality French wines to the Asian region (Hong Kong and China primarily) and the cultural values around these domains. We continuously review our selections to only provide the top products in their price range. We also control the sourcing and the logistics to guarantee the authenticity and the quality of the wines.


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If you are a wine producer and looking to develop in China and Hong Kong, we are a dedicated team of professionals who can assist you to penetrate these markets efficiently. Please contact us if you need more information


Wine is a passion. We constantly look to share it and organize tasting and events where everyone can join for enhancing their knowledge, discover new wines or simply have a good time.


We provide carefully selected wines directly sourced from independent producers. We control the supply chain from beginning to finish and aim to provide the best value for price in a given region.